What is herbicide resistance?

WeedLogic is a decision support tool designed to combine paddock history and herbicide resistance testing to provide an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) plan. This WeedLogic Management Plan provides workable solutions to help you to manage resistance issues.

The WeedLogic Process


    Enter details of your paddock history – this information will be used to prepare your WeedLogic Management Plan. Get started by creating an account.

  • seed testing

    Collect a sample of weed seeds by following the Seed Collection Instructions (PDF). Once these seeds are received they are germinated and sprayed with a range of herbicide mixes to evaluate efficacy.

  • analyses

    Once testing has been completed the results are analysed together with the paddock history you’ve provided to establish the Herbicide Resistance Stage of your paddock.

  • PLAN

    The final step is to review all of the available information to develop the WeedLogic management plan that provides recommendations to deal with any resistance issues.

the five key principles

Through more than 14 years of working to develop an understanding of herbicide resistant weeds it has become clear that no single solution can be applied to every issue. Each property has a unique management history that has influenced herbicide resistance – it’s with this understanding that we’ve identified five key principles underpinning WeedLogic.

  1. Biology

    Understanding the biology of herbicide-resistant weeds in order to effectively manage them.

  2. Monitoring

    Conducting resistance tests builds the herbicide resistance profile of weed populations within paddocks.

  3. Defining

    Knowing what the evolutionary Resistance Development Stage for specific populations ensures a workable outcome.

  4. Chemistry

    Determining the options available and creating an effective agronomy and herbicide resistance management strategy.

  5. IWM

    The role of integrated weed management programs (IWM) and other integral non-herbicide control measures that complement all herbicide and crop-rotation programs.

Using these principles, WeedLogic simplifies the decision making process when it comes to defining and implementing effective control strategies for resistant weeds.