There is a lot of information on herbicide resistance available online, but few resources that deliver a holistic solution to this growing problem. WeedLogic is a culmination of 14 years of research and investigation bringing you all the resources, knowledge and expertise together into one place.


Wild Radish Seed Testing

WeedLogic delivers more than just weed resistance information. An analysis of paddock history and weed resistance status gives us an insight into your unique situation.

By analysing the data presented in WeedLogic, combining 14 years of knowledge and being one step-removed from the operation, a WeedLogic Management Plan can provide you with a birds-eye view of how to actively regain control of the spread of resistance.

There are two levels of WeedLogic testing available;

The Basic test evaluates weed seed resistance to eight commonly used herbicides, provides you with an overview of your resistance status and gives you an outline as to why resistance has become and issue in your paddock.

The Complete test evaluates weed seed resistance to sixteen herbicides used to combat resistance. These additional weed seed tests help determine levels of stacked resistance. In addition receiving an overview of resistance status and outlining the pattern of the spread of resistance, a detailed WeedLogic Management Plan is developed that includes suggested control and rotation practises.

Basic Complete
Weed seed test – 8 herbicides
Weed seed test – 16 herbicides
Paddock management overview
WeedLogic Management Plan
Confirm stacked resistance
Resistance control review Limited
Chemical control options
Non-chemical control options
Integrated Weed Management options
Suggested crop rotations
Full WeedLogic Management report

Wild Radish Seed Testing

Australia’s leading experts in herbicide resistance testing carry out extensive testing on your weed seeds. The weed seeds are cultivated and sprayed with a range of herbicides in order to evaluate how resistant they are. For information about how to collect your seeds read our Seed Collection Instructions.

This is the full list of herbicide Modes of Action and product rates that are tested to determine your Herbicide Resistance Status.

Herbicide and adjuvant Mode of Action Group Basic test Complete test
600 mL/ha Intercept + 1% Banjo Group B IMI
1.2 kg/ha Atrazine + 1% Banjo Group C
200 mL/ha Brodal + 0.2% Chemwet 1000 Group F
440 mL/ha LVE Agritone Group I
800 mL/ha Estercide Xtra Group I
500 mL/ha Paragon Group F & I
1.0 L/ha Eliminar C Group C & F
720 mL/ha Flight EC Group C, F & I
1.2 L/ha weedmaster ARGO Group M
30 g/ha Logran + 1% Banjo Group B SU  
10 g/ha Eclipse + 1% Banjo Group B SA  
200 mL/ha Picolinafen + 0.2% Chemwet 1000 Group F  
600 mL/ha Intercept + 440mL LVE Agritone + 1% Banjo Group B & I  
1.2 kg/ha Atrazine + 200 mL/ha Brodal Options Group C & F  
1.0 L/ha Precept + 1% Banjo Group H & I  
1.0 L/ha Velocity + 1% Banjo Group H & C  

test result
& paddock analysis

After resistance testing, results are analysed – together with your paddock history – to determine how and why these weed populations formed resistance. Once this information is available your paddock is assigned a Herbicide Resistance Stage to help you understand the implications.

Read about the Herbicide Resistance Stages >

WeedLogic management plan

After establishing a thorough understanding of resistance development in your paddock, the complete WeedLogic option provides you with a personalised Management Plan. The plan includes:

  • Your weed seed test results and plant biology
  • Your paddocks Weed Resistance Status
  • Information on how the resistance developed
  • What is required to prevent the problem from developing further
  • Suggested herbicide spray options
  • Suggested crop rotations
  • Integrated Weed Management options.


WeedLogic improves your understanding of what is happening within your paddock. This knowledge is the key to overcoming any resistances issues, helping you save money by only using effective control options.

For $1500 (inc. GST) the Complete WeedLogic option includes 16 herbicide tests, expert analysis and a personalised WeedLogic Management Plan. For $1000 (inc. GST) a Basic WeedLogic option is available and provides resistance results from 8 herbicide tests along with chemical and non chemical control options.

Meet Australia’s leading experts

On Herbicide Resistance Testing

Dr John Broster
Based in Wagga Wagga, Dr John Broster manages the Charles Sturt University Herbicide Resistant Testing Service, which conducts screening on weed populations for resistance to commonly used herbicides.

Dr Peter Boutsalis
Dr Peter Boutsalis is the founding director of Plant Science Consulting, an Adelaide-based company specialising in Herbicide Resistance Testing on seeds and also whole plants.